About the Authors

Hello everyone! My name is Alyssa Tite and I am a second year student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville studying Mass Communications, Psychology, and Dance. I grew up in Bethalto, Illinois where I attended Civic Memorial High School. My love for Mass Comm originated in a radio class that I took in high school, although I’m not following that track, it turned out to be a great introduction. I am particularly interested in advertising and social media, and I plan my studies around that. After graduating from SIUE I would like to either continue to work in sales, or find a career in social media directing. Aside from my education and professional life my hobbies include working out, writing, crafting, and listening to music. I also get to practice my love for communicating through my work as the Vice President of Campus Affairs for Alpha Phi Epsilon Xi. I am very excited to team up with Lauren in creating posts about our one true love, social media!

Hi! I am Lauren Collett and this is my third year here at SIUE. I am from Granite City, Illinois, which is where I currently live. I am a Mass Communications major with a minor in business. I chose to major in Mass Communications because of the impact communication and social media has on our society and how it’s becoming such a huge influence in almost everything we do. I am very involved in social media and making a career out of it is what pulled me towards Mass Comm. I am looking forward to putting out fun and interesting content with Alyssa while we write our blog together!


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