Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for Businesses

Our proposal is a go-to guide for business owners whose businesses are lacking a presence on social media. Too often, we see social media pages managed by business owners that are lacking the “wow” factor that social media pages need in order to succeed. Some businesses have no social media at all, which is a crucial mistake in the world of business today.

In this blog post we plan to answer questions such as:

“Why is social media important for businesses?”

“How do I utilize social media to better my business?

“How do I make sure my business’ social media is successful?”

“What type of content will enhance our platforms the most?”

“What are the biggest mistakes that business owners make pertaining to social media?”

“What type of content will gather the most attention toward my business?”

This topic interests us, and will interest business owners, because social media is a very new aspect of running a business. Social media is not learned in business school, but rather Mass Communications or Media Studies.

Through our recently acquired knowledge of social media, and ample personal experience we plan to form a go-to guide full of dos and don’ts for any business owner who is looking to create, or enhance their business’ presence on social media.

The utilization of social media is important for businesses, because a large majority of consumers rely on these platforms for knowledge about businesses, information about upcoming events, etc. Without social media a large percentage of consumers are not being reached. We are living in an age where flyers and newspaper ads just don’t cut it anymore.


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